Because we believe that natural food is better

The family business Degomeat from Aalst was originally founded in 1982 as De Gols - Cornelis but transformed in Degomeat BVBA
in 1997.  Under the management of Frankie De Gols the firm became the specialist in producing fresh frozen natural food for dogs and cats.

Production process

All approved meat products are being picked up in the abattoir on a daily basis with our owners cooled truck, who is provided with all the necessary
documents and certificates.  Upon arrival all products are stored in the speed freezer (0 degrees celsius).  In the cooled working space of the company
the fresh meat is processed further (as the work proceeds until minus 25 degrees), packed and directly stored in the freezer (minus 18 degrees celsius),
so that all natural vitamines and minerales can be optimally obtained.


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