We’ve been feeding our dogs fresh food for more than 20 years, 12 of which with Degomeat. Why fresh food? Simple, for our Tervueren's health. We’ve never been confronted with sickness, weakness, lifelessness, unhealthy and allergic dogs, which was in fact the case in our first few years when we fed dry food croquettes (coat problems, no appetite, excessive and smelly faeces).
Thanks to Degomeat, our Tervueren have developed into sturdy and healthy sheperds with an enormous dynamism and fierce stamina, and an exceptionally thick coat, and they’ve kept their dark pigmented colour. We’ve achieved this present result, along with  very selective breeding. The new owners we’ve been able to convince to use fresh food  have all been very grateful afterwards, seeing their little dog has developed into a big healthy active dog.
Stories about all the shortages your dog may have are all sales arguments, taken out of its context. Most vets support dry food for commercial reasons, which doesn’t mean that your vet isn’t capable.
The most important thing is: feed your pup enough, so that he can grow up tob e a healthy solid dog (you don’t put human babies on a diet!). Your pup won’t be too big, even if everyone says so, a big pup can grow up to become a solid dog.
In a world that is overwhelmed by commercials and indolence, it can be very tempting to give your dog instant croquettes. Also different types of croquettes for different breeds is a load of rubbish. All dogs are descendants of wolves, one more than the other, just take the time to study these animals and there habits concerning behaviour and food.
We feed our dogs chicken, beef, fish, and we make a mix with rice or cereals. We also use the barf method half of the time: bones and raw meat, beef throats, chicken carcasses, chicken necks, rabbit and tripe of Degomeat are very suitable for this.

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We’ve been breeding Great Danes for 15 years and in the beginning we fed them high quality croquettes as a lot of breeders do, but we weren’t really satisfied with the result.
You should realises that a Great Dane is a dog that grows very fast and needs a lot of attention as far as housing, education and nutrition is concerned.
After years of working with vets who advised us different types of expensive and non-effective nutritional food supplements to facilitate the growth problems of our dogs, we asked several big breeders for advice and they showed us the advantages of natural food, as opposed to industrial food, and so we decided to start feeding our dogs chicken carcasses.

We’ve had faith in Degomeats (Frankie)quality and service for nine years now.
We are very happy with this nutrition and throughout the years, we’ve noticed a steady amelioration in the well beging of our dogs, from generation to generation. The puppies grow up steadily, in a steady pace and they maintain a certain muscle mass. They are more homogeneous, they don’t grow out of proportion.

The development of the muscles which is necessary for the protection of the joints was guaranteed, which led to the fact that the fragility of the skeleton when the dog grew up too quickly was considerably diminished, so  there were a lot less growing problems.
The Great Dane is often subject to stomach torsion, and also for this problem Degomeat has proven to be very useful.
After an abdominal ultrasound scan of our dogs we were able to see that their stomachs were smaller and more muscular and the stomach walls were thicker, as opposed to when we fed our dogs croquettes. De stomach functions better, contracts, and is less subject to expansion or torsion.
Just pulverise a croquette and look at its proportion, you will soon realise that these croquettes will inflate the stomach. They digest well enough but the stomach will only function a little and is more subject to expansion or torsion.
We haven’t had any more stomach torsions since we started feeding our dogs chicken carcasses.
The stomach transit is much better, the faeces are more solid and more compact, the anal glands function better because they help to secrete the bones of the carcasses.
We often  have discussions with vets that advise dry food; one only has to look in their waiting rooms to see the rich variety of big brands of dog nutrition. They make a considerable profit.
We regret this and we would like to prove to them through food analysis and the health of our dogs that natural food is ideal for our dogs, even if the large industries recommend other products.
We will evidently keep feeding our dogs natural food because of all the reasons above. We will never go back to croquettes!

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Before we fed Degomeat, we had problems with our dogs from time to time. A French Bulldog has a short digestive system and not every type of food is suited for this breed.
They are doing very well with the Barf method and every meal is a banquet!
We discovered the wide variety of Degomeat’s fresh food and our dogs  have been in top condition ever since!
We participate in shows both here and abroad.

Marijke De Moor

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The champion of all fresh natural foods !  Degomeat pet food is perfect for every Zwergschnauzer and all other breeds.  They guarantee the newest production methods and top quality for a good price.  Introduce Degomeat to your Zwergschnauzer.  After all it is the dog who will tell you the food is good, tasteful and healthy.

Degomeat guarantees a stable quality  that withstands every quality test and that is above all other dog food.

By giving your Zwergschnauzer Degomeat on a daily basis, you will keep his intestinal functions intact.

Degomeat pet food is the result of a cooperation between vets, breeders and nutritional experts, to obtain an honest product with a very good price / quality relation without synthetic additives such as scent, coloring and taste agents or anti oxidants.  The nutrition of our Zwergschnauzers is the base for a good health.  No good health without good food.

Delicious, our Zwergschnauzers love it !

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As a professional dog trainer and a world championship competitor in utility dog sport, I give my dogs only the best training, the best housing, and of course, the best food.  Before I started feeding my dogs Degomeat, like most of my colleagues I was feeding them only dry dog food from the popular brands.  The result was inconsistent as some of my dogs couldn't put on weight, had skin irritations, and produced faeces and urine with very strong odors.  I always believe the domestic dogs should have a diet a closed as what they eat in nature, but to prepare that myself is extremely time consuming and also not very economical.  I started my research for a natural raw dog food and I found Frankie and Degomeat.  I have started feeding my dogs Degomeat since 2010.  Because of its wide range of choices, now I can give my dogs a diet that is closed to dogs' natural food source, easy to prepare, cost effective, and excellent for their health and performances.  I highly recommend Degomeat to every dog owner !

Felix Ho
8 times IPO World Championship Competitor
2 times Belgian IPO CAC Winner


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